Latest News re. Simon Whittley

The UK law firm representing two people who were deceived into paying money to Simon Whittley’s latest venture – St Helier Capital Management Ltd – has been instructed to take action in the courts to recover funds if payment is not made before the end of November.

We have learnt that Simon Whittley is no stranger to the inside of a courtroom. He has appeared in court many times. He clearly doesn’t like paying money to creditors or people he owes.

His long-term compatriot, Simon Paler, has been distancing himself from the various Simon Whittley businesses. He has been involved in a few. In January 2018 he resigned from Win River Ltd. In August 2018 he resigned from Win River Developments Ltd. In the same month he resigned from Hawksbill Property Holdings PLC. In October 2018 he resigned from Avianta Capital Consulting Ltd.

The problem for Mr Paler is that he should have resigned BEFORE the companies took in money from investors. It’s a bit late now.