About This Site

If you arrived at this site expecting it to be the official site of St Helier Capital Management Ltd you are in the wrong place. This site is not associated with that company. If it was your intention to visit their site you should immediately navigate away from this site. This website publishes information for investors in St Helier Capital Management Ltd and the parties involved in structuring, promoting, servicing and/or operating it.  

Safe Or Scam LLC

We are Safe Or Scam and we act on behalf of concerned investors.

We review investment products and advise on recovery options. We work with legal teams to investigate all aspects of an investment with the aim of prosecuting those involved and recovering an investor’s money.

We challenge developers, project owners, sales agents and third parties involved in a project to justify the claims made in correspondence and promotional material.

We are currently representing investors who paid their money to St Helier Capital Management Ltd. These investors are now seeking refunds of their investments and have appointed a UK solicitor to handle the case.

We  have concerns over the history of the people involved in SHCM.

This website will highlight a few of those concerns and will give the people involved in the project the opportunity to comment and correct any inaccuracies.

If you are an investor or have information on the company or the people involved we would like to hear from you.

Books For Website ImageThe Investment

People paid money to St Helier Capital Management Ltd for Preference Shares in the company. This was done in the belief that the contents of the Information Memorandum dated 21st October 2016 were a true and honest account of the company’s status and prospects.

Books For Website ImageThe Companies

St Helier Capital Management Ltd was raising the investment. Money was paid to the law firm Marriot Harrison. Sales were made through a number of unregulated sales companies with histories of involvement in scams. Sales were made direct to ordinary members of the public.

Books For Website ImageThe People

Simon Whittley – Director.

Simon Paler – Associate.

Mr Whittley owns and controls several  companies including this one:

Bad news-Simon Whittley-Highgrove Osprey 8.25% bond company served winding up petition.